Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gamescape(Serial episode.1) by Cege Smith

Publisher : Samashwords
Published on : March 2013
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My Review

The story revolves around Laney grey, a 28 year old woman who is close to dying. Almost every doctor she meets tell her the same thing that her cancer is incurable. But until one day,  a man named Victor visits her in the hospital and tells her, she can be cured if she agrees to do the assignment his pharmaceutical company give her even if it means to kill people.This assignment is only known as Gamescape. 

If she wins this, she will be given a chance to live an extra-ordinary healthy life devoid of all the diseases in the future.Whether she agrees for Gamescape or not?What is going to happen to her if she agrees?Will she be able to succeed along with a number of potential competitors just like her?This is the suspense that will be continued on next episode..Since this is an introduction to many upcoming series, It is hard for me to give an extensive review.But despite that it is a nice read.I will definitely recommend this book to anyone who is fond of a  good serial. 

My thoughts 

I didn't like the fact Laney Grey's father left her just because he lost his wife.If he has lost his wife, then she has lost her own mother.And also at some places I felt like Laney Grey is over reacting, let it be her boyfriend or Gamescape officials. There is no doubt, this will indeed make a good action packed serial.

Rating 3/5

Disclaimer I received a free soft copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

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