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Wednesday, March 06, 2013
What Mother Teresa Taught Me
Recently, I read a book by Maryanne Raphael,"What Mother Teresa Taught me"?.It was a meticulously well written biography.Nothing was over stated nor were exaggerated. I've heard - read many articles about Mother Teresa.But this particular book was unique and very intriguing.It was hard to put down .And I would like to share here everything about  Mother Teresa that impressed me the most .
A Mother of difference:

Mother Teresa was 8 years old when her father died.The whole family was crushed as her father was the only working men in the family.Her father's  partner cheated her family and also looted their properties.Her mother lived like a nun after her husband died.It was her mother who raised all her three children,Agi, Agnes and Lazar. She told them not to cry after their father died.

She told them,"It is hard to lose the people we love.But feeling sorry they died is selfish.Dying is going home to god.We know your papa is in heaven with Our lady and Jesus.So let us try to be happy for him".

Her Mother sew and sold clothes for their living .Once an old woman who was deserted by her own family was left to die on the streets.Her mother brought her home , gave her the children's room and cared for her very dearly.Mother Teresa inherited all her good qualities form her mother.Mother Teresa once told, her mother was her role model.

A conversation between her elder sister

Agi asked her ,

"How can people live their whole lives on the street, always hungry, and hot or cold, thirst and sick?"

Mother Teresa answered her Saying,"It is like asking why Jesus Christ had to suffer and die on the cross"
This showed her intelligence and devotion towards her religion.

Her friend Lorenz

In her childhood days, Mother Teresa shared all her secrets with her second cousin Lorenz.Usually, She doesn't share her diary with anyone but She read and shared her diary with him.He was very special to her.They laughed and played together.If she hadn't become a nun she would have married Lorenz.
When Mother Teresa told him she was going to join the sisters of Lorreto to service as a nun in India, he was so devastated.But he didn't show his disappointment on his face.This was the last moment she saw Lorenz.

A Real Kali

Mother Teresa first started her service just like any ordinary nun in India.As days passed she was very appalled and hurt by the poor sick people who were  living and dying on the roads of Kolkata .She then took courage and relieved herself from the sisters of Loretto after getting  prior permission from the Vatican.From then onwards she wore a simple sari and a slipper like the poor Indian women in kolkata. In those days women were considered very low.But She was so valiant she didn't worry about the rough path she was leading to.

Mother Teresa was a selfless woman who cared for the sick, poor and the needy. One day aggravated Indian youths who mistook her as they thought she was converting the non-Christians to Christianity.They called the commissioner of police asking him to warn her and tell her to leave the place.The commissioner who was an intelligent man just told them that he himself go see her in person and decide what to do.

When he saw Mother Teresa and the other sisters wiping the wounds of the sick people and wearing ointments he was so touched by their kindness .He came back and told the youths "If you call your mothers and sisters to do the work she was doing, I will gladly ask her to leave the place."Then he continued pointing the statue of a Kali and saying it was just a stone and  referred to Mother Teresa as the living Kali.

What made her different:

Mother Teresa told her fellow nuns to live by principles in such a way that doesn't affect other religions in any form.Mother Teresa told them,

"To see every human beings as Christ and to help Hindus to be better Hindus, Muslims to be better Muslims, and Christians to be better Christians".

Strong beliefs

Until you know how Jesus thirsts for you,you can't know who he wants to be for you and who he wants you to be.This is so true.Mother Teresa had a vision.That vision was to save the people who can't help themselves.Just think about this.If she hadn't had any strong beliefs in her religion she wouldn't have got all the fame and name that she has now.It is her strong faith in Jesus Christ that saved many lives in Kolkata and other regions.

Benefited people

The wounded people, sick people affected by leprosy ,AIDS,Tuberculosis,and many others benefited from her service.She also opened a home  for children who were thrown and left on the streets unwanted after the horror incident that affected her so badly.The incident that shook her hard was a newly born baby in Kolkata  bitten by a dog continuously & was left to die there.Shocked by this she brought the baby to home and nursed.But the baby had died apparently.She started Missionaries of charity , Shishu Bhavan, Nirmal Hriday, Shanthi Nagar for the well being of these people. 


Malcolm Muggeridge who had no faith in religion accepted Jesus Christ through Mother Teresa.When he interviewed her for a program he wasn't impressed by her simplicity or her institutional religion.Later when the program became a huge success he wrote a book about her called "Something beautiful for God".

When he wrote this book he was an atheist.But after many years had passed he was touched by Christ through her.

“Prayer in action is Love,
   Love in action is Service”.

What Mother Teresa did was both Love and Service.