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Sunday, March 10, 2013
This was a Booker-prize award winning novel. I had always known that Salman Rushdie was a sensational writer. But I had had  not really read any of his novel until recently.To be honest, the title of the novel sounded  good and  very appealing when i  actually grabbed this novel from the library. I counted this was my fourth Indian novel .But the true enthusiasm which was there before reading the novel was totally spoiled after reading.Usually I don't have the habit of  counting the number of pages .But what can i do?This is a cunning novel which made to see the total number of pages(647) as i was afraid I will never finish it.

I  was not even halfway through  when i already gave up  reading this novel.This was  a kind of novel which would tempt you, annoy you, irritate you in a different kind of  way and finally you almost end up not reading  even though you were a serious book addict.This doesn't mean the novel wasn't that good- it was because Salman Rusdie's way of writing was very high i had had to read it twice to understand the characters and the story underlying beneath it.I think if i were a literature student i would have liked it.But anyway this was a  unique novel because in this novel it was hard for me to find the story which was  actually a real suspense .As i didn't have the  patience nor the spirit  to read this novel, i read the  story in Wikipedia because I would feel guilty not reading it. I've read many books out of which most of them are novels but this is the only novel that i returned back to the library without ever finishing  it.

I may not have read the full book, but I liked the following quote so much i couldn't get it off my mind.

"How life does turn out.For so many years even my ankles were a secret, & now i must be stared by strange persons who're not even my family members."