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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Turning Hurts Into Halos
No. of pages : 256 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Published on : May 7, 2000
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My review

Unlike other books I've read (both fiction and and non-fiction)this book looks like a treasure that I have been seeking. As the title suggests, it discusses about a  very sensitive topic "Hurt".

How could anyone turn their hurts into halos?It's never possible I thought. But it is of course possible.

Nobody is  young to talk about this book,we all know hurt.We have endured it many a times in our life.Like pastor Dr.Schuller says,"All humans feel hurt".This book helps to turn our hurts into our best friend.

I just want to share a few things that impressed me the most in this book.

Inside the book:

The book is a real eye opener, I will gladly tell.

Life is a mystery.It is a  gift of a grace.We can learn answers to many of our toughest questions all in this one book.Sometimes we feel like it shouldn't have happened but life is not all about Luck and Happiness .We blame others for our hurts.We have allowed ourselves to become a victim rather than creating a crown out of our cross. All the time we let that cross over our shoulders and make it farther worse.So answers for many sensible questions such as to take ur hurt off its life support system, to keep ur hurt from becoming a black hole, to know if you are making it hard for people to help you, strength can come out of weakness if you follow four principles to turn your scars into stars 

can be found in this amazing book.

"God is alive, alert, to among the streets and alleys of the world.He is living in human beings of all colors, culture, creed, and credentials and its reaching out to adopt the spiritual orphans into his family of faith".

When  we find our way to overcome our hurt, 

Opportunities will rise out of our adversities.

Strangers will enter our life to become new and best friends.

A new faith will stir and grow within us

Miracles will be conceived and born out of grueling mysteries.

Turning hurts into halos really makes us say I don't understand, but I believe in God anyway."Life is not fair, but God is good."